La Grange Restaurant - Music Bar

Nel cuore della Val D'Ayas a Frechey - Champoluc AO Monte Rosa

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#34   Sofia LevisonE-Mail07.04.2018 - 18:18
I would like to make a reservation for 2 on monday 9th of april. 8 pm.
Many thanks on behalf, Sofia Levison

#33   Stina HolmbergE-Mail19.03.2018 - 12:47
I would like to make a reservation for five people Saturday the 31 of March.
Best regards

#32   Viktor SandbergE-Mail12.02.2018 - 22:29
I like to make a reservation for 12 people on Saturday 24th February at 19:00.

Best regards
Viktor Sandberg

#31   Malin SkärskogE-Mail10.02.2018 - 19:35
Hello! I'd like to make a reservation for four people on Sunday 25th February at 19.00 and on Wednesday 28th February 20.00.
Best regards Malin Skärskog

#30   Anders HagenE-Mail24.01.2018 - 11:36
Hi! Can I make a table reservation for four people on Saturday 3rd February at 20:30 hours? Many thanks.
Look forward to hearing from you.
Best regards
Andes Hagen

#29   AmyE-Mail10.01.2018 - 09:57
Do you have space for dinner for 4 people on the evening of 3rd or 4th of Feb?

#28   Miriam AntonaciE-Mail26.12.2017 - 12:10
Ciao!só Che magari é in po tardi ma Volevo sapere se avete un tavolo per 2 persone la sera di capodanno. Grazie Miriam

#27   Magnus TornerefeltE-Mail01.12.2017 - 13:23
Hello Mattia!
Hope everything is fine.
I visited La Grange with my friends in March this year.
Really like it and I would like to come back in February with my family
Sunday 18th of February for 15 persons!
Would be so nice if you could make a nice package with your specialities.
Let me know if this is possible for you.
Arrividerci Mattia - see you in February

#26   Katrin millarE-Mail26.10.2017 - 09:48
It is my brother , Chris McGrath , birthday tomorrow so I would love to have the gift ready for him then, if you could email me soon please!

#25   MassimoE-Mail16.06.2017 - 20:17
Buona sera, vorrei sapere se possibile prenotare un tavolo per 2 persone per domenica 18/6 per le ore 12:30 circa.

#24   Anders MarklundE-Mail13.03.2017 - 21:35
I world like to reserve a table for 2 persons on wednesday 22 of March 22/3 at 19.00. I hope this is posible Best regards

#23   MagnusE-Mail03.03.2017 - 13:47

I have read about your nice place on Tripadvisor and I also visited it in 1999.

Is it possible to have dinner at your place in the evening?

We stay in Antagnod, so I am not sure how we will get to your place, can you pick us up at the hotel?

If possible we would like to book a table for 4 persons Friday 10th of March at 20:00.

Best Regards Magnus

#22   PelleE-Mail02.03.2017 - 20:18
May I order a (or two) table at 13.00 on Saturday lunch for 13 people? My wife have her birthday and it would be great coming back!!

#21   JoakimE-Mail27.02.2017 - 21:53
I would like to make a reservation for 3 people on the 1/3 2017 at 19:30.
Confirm if thats ok?
Regards Joakim

#20   Gianluca GiracasaE-Mail14.02.2017 - 17:05
Buongiorno, vorrei riservare un tavolo per 2 adulti e 2 bambini per sabato sera (18.02) per le 19.
Gradita conferma.
Grazie e a presto

123Prossima »
(34 Tutti Messaggi)